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Painless to a healthy and slim body

Even thin women should strengthen the muscles. Active muscles consume more calories and “oppose” the cellulite. It is therefore important…

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Even thin women should strengthen the muscles. Active muscles consume more calories and resist cellulite. Therefore, it is important to balance the diet and do sports. It is not necessary to completely change the way of eating. The most important is regular and balanced diet.

Less fat

If you take away meal one tablespoon of oil, save you about 200 calories. So do not overdo it with the salad dressing. You can throw out the cheese from the diet. In this case, you save 200-350 calories. Avoid small errors, such as calorie appetizers (avocado contains 550 calories).

Cut out fast sugars

Typically we consume too much sugar (about 260 calories per day). Just reduce the amount by half and have already saved a considerable amount of calories.

Spend calories

Take advantage of all energy consumers: avoid electric elevator, car rides, escalators.

Avoid prolonged sitting. One day you perform exercises to strengthen the muscles, the other day dedicate recreation (bike, swimming, brisk walking). We suggest you exercises to strengthen the muscles that you can work at home. It is important that each day you spend a certain amount of calories that you exercise or do sports at least 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on the type of effort, one hour of exercise burns 100 to 500 calories.


If you walk right rhythm (3.73 mph) spent five calories per minute. The ideal would be to have a timer, so you know exactly how much you have walked. Begin by walking a mile and a weekly increase of 1640 ft/in.

The bike is excellent for shaping sheet, knees and thighs. Did you turn the pedals quickly enough and breathe evenly without much effort, in one minute burn 6 calories. Start on flat ground, and then increase the slope and length of the shares.

Swimming is ideal for body shaping. It should swim 1000 meters. Do you swim fast, any style, spend 8 calories per minute. Exercise in water can nice shape body parts.


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