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The ingenious tricks to shine, and you need only – spoon

Some of the best tools to beautify are located in a place where you least expect it. In fact, your own kitchen is a place of most used beauty aids. Believe it or not, it is about a tablespoon.

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Make perfect ‘cat’s eye’

If you are ready to access scientific ‘cat’s eyes’, then this instruction is for you. Straighten the spoon handle to the line of your lashes and use it as a template by drawing sharp lines’ upper wings. Then turn the spoon so that its upper edge connects with the end of the line which is drawn and the mid-line of your lashes. Follow the edge of the bucket pen to make the upper contours of the ‘cat’s eye’.
Fill the empty space and you’re done!

Beat bad breath

Scrub the tongue twice a week, experts advise. This should be done in the morning, to remove bacteria that have collected and once in the evening, in order to fix the rest of the food and bacteria that have accumulated during the day. Spoons are the perfect shape and are strong enough to remove bacteria from the tongue, without being hurt.

Curl the lashes

If you happen to go on vacation and forgot to lash curler, there is no need to worry. Take a spoon, turn it horizontally and eyelashes grasp between the thumb and the curved edge of the spoon and curl the lashes from the root. Once they are sufficiently curved, rounded put ‘body’ tablespoons over the eyelid and apply mascara so, because it will not spread on the lid. You can spoon warm hairdryer to the more twisting.

Highlight cheeks

Put the ‘body’ spoons on your face, so that the concave side against your skin. Below the rounded edge of the spoon move the brush. So you do not have to guess the line recesses below the face, but it can precisely highlight brush.


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