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Get rid of painful bunions

A mixture of bay leaves and alcohol will help you with painful bunions, as well as plain soap.

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Who has the bunions, he has pain, a cure for them is virtually non-existent. However, it will not be all that bad, if you buy a laurel. Here’s how to create a healing balm:

Five sheets of scented plants of truth and cover with 100 milliliters of alcohol. Liquid allow to stand for seven days, then strain it and use in home therapy.

First, good steam the feet in warm water to which you’ve poured baking soda, and when it is cleared bunions lubricate the resulting mixture, put on cotton socks and do not remove them until the morning.

Even ordinary soap is effective in relieving pain. Just applied to the painful area, good rub my, rinse with water, and then primed with iodine and when dry, put on your socks. Repeat this treatment a month.

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