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5 worst mistakes: smooth legs, yes, but avoid razor morning

Short skirts and uncovered legs become unavoidable “fashion accessory” these days. If you are not a fan of waxing and shaving your legs prefer to avoid mistakes who makes most women-never shave the “dry”, and if you run out of foam or cream use conditioner for your hair. Absolutely not soap.

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Do not use a male barber. Always keep the “steak” at least one new, and if you are left without a single rather run to the store. Will prevent many infections

Shave after 15 minutes in the bath

Experts recommend that you begin to shave my legs 15 minutes from billet enter the bath. This will soften the hair and open the follicles. But do not wait more than 15 minutes because the skin afterwards swell and make it difficult for a thorough shave.

The evening was a smarter choice

Most shave in the morning and should be in the evening. Thus, your feet will be smoother because the “swelling” plump and hair will return to the follicles.

Avoid one-off model

Onetime model Shaving is fine to use if you’re on the road but avoid them whenever you have the chance. Buy razor with 4 or 5 blades.

For too long, use the same razor

“One-time barber,” women use at least 10 or 15 times. If they are well maintained and watch for cleanliness, then no problem.

Choose direction

The first moves always make in the direction of hair growth to shorten, and then pull in the opposite direction. And if you have sensitive skin do not change direction.

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