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Anti-Aging diet

Anti-Aging diet - women holding watermellon

If you want to slow down the aging process and extend lifespan, then this diet is for you. Basically the Anti-Aging diet

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The three-day diet

three-day diet - weight loss

Thanks to an ideal three-day diet, all those who want to lose 6 to 8 pounds can not do that very easily with the help of this diet.

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Pritikin diet

Pritikin diet - vegetables and fruit

The basic principle of this popular diet is specific balance of dietary protein, fat and carbohydrates.

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Apple pudding

apple pudding

Do you want to eat low cal desserts? We bring you a low calorie apple pudding, you can easily prepare it, and it contains only 178 kcal.

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Popcorn calories


Many of the girls when they go on a diet, trying to control their diet and looking at the internet how much some food contains calories

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